Return and Refund Policy

Return option is there only if the ordered items are not in good condition like not printed well, damaged by wet , not matching in sizes as in ordered placed by customer.

Refund Policy- HANDYKART offers the refund of money paid in advance on the occasion; if the products have not been processed. Refund is not acceptable once the product is processed. Once the product is canceled the amount will be credited to the customer’s account in 7 working days of the cancellation.

Online shopping has become the modern trend of shopping surpassing traditional methods of shopping. There are thousands of stores online which possess a huge amount of items and luxuries satisfying our personal needs.

Online shopping is a platform through which we can rummage around several numbers of stores just by sitting comfortably at our place and making orders is convenient and time-saving in online shopping.

Refund has become very easy these days with online shopping site worldwide.

HANDYKART firmly believes in the concept of ‘GREENING EARTH. We strictly oppose the use of plastic bags and promote eco-friendly bags which proves to help hand for the sustainable future of the environment. We selling non woven designed bags, jute bags, color bags and paper bags for authorized companies.

Our sellers produce bags of higher quality with reasonable prices. Our sellers keep varieties of ranges among bags to lubricate customers. Our prime goal is to enhance usage which are eco-friendly.

Plastic bags can be devastating for our environment, they are non-degradable. They produce toxic substances harmful for nature and human survival whereas eco-friendly bags are degradable and healthy for the environment.

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