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Intimate Wipes Men's Hygiene-Women's Hygiene

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Freshca Intimate Mens Womens Wet Wipes Single Sachet pH Balanced Alcohol Paraben Silicon SLS Free 10 Pcs (Pack of 4) •Cleanse & effects: effectively cleanses & helps to fight against microbial proliferation within the skin & combat the foul odor and moisturize the skin of intimate area. •Product benefits: pH balanced, alcohol free, paraben free, silicon free & sulphate free, it is also suitable for all skin types. •Usage: before & after intimacy. •Travel size wipes: 20 cm X 15 cm (+-10%) pocket size wipe allows you to hygiene on the go!
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Mens Intimate : Freshca intimate wet wipes for men’s hygiene is pleasantly scented and elegantly designed formula that effectively help to clean and leave a fresh sensation to men’s intimate area helping to fight against dirtproliferation within the skin and combat foul odor and uses patented anti-dehyderation shield that optimize the skin hydrous flow ensuring soft, hydrated and moisturized skin with pH balance formula that suits all skin type and help to prevent irritation. Womens intimate : Freshca intimate wet wipes for woman’s hygiene is mildly scented that is specially designed to help cleanse and leave a fresh sensation to women’s intimate area which also has lactic acid based pH balanced formula (pH3.5*) that help to prevent unpleasant odor and irritations. Combination of patented anti-dehydration shield can help optimize skin’s hydrous flow ensuring soft & nourished skin. *pH may very between 3.0 & 4.0 Freshca Intimate Wipes can be a true friend to every women. •How to use: tear off single sachet and wipe gently on intimate area for cleansing. carefully dispose after use. • For external use only. • In case skin irritation/allergic reaction persist, consult a doctor. • Do not use for open wounds for cleaning. • Keep out of reach of children. • Do not flush. • Dispose of used wipes in trash receptacle.
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