Frequently asked questions

Is the price same for all kinds of bags?
The bag which has been chosen typically decides the price rate. Refer to the price table. Although, Handicraft has kept prices reasonable and it differs for non-woven bags, paper bags, jute bags, color bags, and designed bags.
Can I check the shipment status of my order?
Yes, you can do that. Your order status would be verified by notifying you on mobile and web application. An email and SMS will be instantly delivered to you as your order is shipped by HANDYKART. Our normal pickup time is 10-14.
How does shipping method modify when you are shipping to my address?
charges are being increased in this case. Correct information must be provided about addresses whether it is commercial or residential.
What is the shipping cost for my order?
Exact shipment cost of your order cannot be specified as it varies on your shipment address.
Does Handicraft fulfill criteria of minimum order requirements?
Short to large orders are being incorporated by HANDYKART. Small orders are being delivered same time like large order as well, so that extra fee is not being charged.
What is the procedure after placement of order?
An acknowledgment receipt is received after order being placed with HANDYKART. An order acknowledgment is also received which has essential information like order shipping date, cost, and shipping charges. You will be informed through email once your order is been processed and ready for shipment.
What kind of payment methods are accepted at HANDYKART?
All options in Razorpay payment gateway are being accepted.
What formats of files are received by HANDYKART?
JEG, PDF, GIF, TIF, and PNG are being accepted as well.
What is your normal turnaround time?
Within 10 to 14 business days, your order is being delivered to your place. Rush orders are also being accepted by us, all you need to do is to inform us.
Do you offer more items other than those advertised on the website?
Advertised items are offered by us. Customized items can be included on your request through emails or by personalized the item over the application provided by HANDYKART
What types of bags do you offer?
Eco-friendly bags are been provided by us at reasonable costs. Beautifully designed bags of durable quality are offered by us. Non woven bags, Jute bags, paper bags, designer bags, and color bags are also been offered by us.
Can I change my shipment information?
Email us for changing your shipment details, we will sort them for you.
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