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Lifebuoy SANITIZER 5litre

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  • Lift the specialists that give you hand resistance to continue to battle germs for upto 10 hours with Lifebuoy Total Hand Sanitizer.
  • It kills 99.99% germs right away, yet additionally helps you invulnerability for upto 10 hours.
  • This makes Lifebuoy Total Hand Sanitizer your safeguard against germs without making an outing to the wash bowl.
  • Simply take a drop and Apply on your palm. Spread and rub over back of your hands and fingertips until dry.
  • Your hands are liberated from 99.99% germs right away, without water.
  •  Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer is the most advantageous and moment approach to sterile hands - be it when you need to eat something rapidly or when you need to have germ free hands any place you are.
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