About us

HANDYKART strictly believes in the concept of “GREENING EARTH”. so to promote a much greener environment and say ‘ goodbye to plastics’ we have taken an initiative by manufacturing eco-friendly bags that can preserve the wealth of the people and the environment. We focus on non woven designed bags, jute bags, color bags and paper bags for branded companies.

This all began with the vision of our founder, “RAJIB LOCHAN SAHOO “ who had been trying to bring back nature into our society by demolishing the man-made toxic substances. The continuous damage caused to society and the other organisms living in the society due to the non-degradable plastic bags is huge. A single plastic bag can prevent the growth of many plants by lying under the soil, and when mixed in the ocean, they are more hazardous affecting the lives of marine organisms. To prevent these problems, we decided to produce environment-friendly bags that are useful to the environment.

Our non-woven designed bags are simple, yet they are more suitable for shopkeepers to supply their products with the bags. They are much cheaper and eco-friendly at the same time. The jute bags have been under usage for a longer period, and shopkeepers have been using them for providing it to the customers who had made some large purchases. We also offer paper bags that are of low weight and strong enough to carry a considerable amount of weight.

Why choose us?


Our bags are of higher quality, and people can buy our bags at a lower price. We also offer unique designed bags that will attract the customers to make the business much unique. We never compromise our quality and make sure that our customers are satisfied with our products. We also focus on saving nature by promoting products that support nature and purity


Everyone wishes for their business and products to be unique from others. We offer customized bags to our customers, making it unique for them with printed designs.

Our experience

We have been working in this field for the past years. And we had proven our value to our previous and current customers. Our experience will assist us in creating the most creative and suitable bags for you.
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