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About us

Handykart (Handykart is a trademark registered brand of an unit of ARR Eco Solutions India OPC Pvt.Ltd.) most of products are one hundred percent manufactured based on "Greening Earth" concepts. We are giving our fullest support towards the “Going Green Campaign” society;. we have already made a step towards the Going green technology in India. So, as a part of the "Cleaning & Greening". campaign is overseen by our Handykart, and helps our environment to become more worth-while. In the Handykart shopping website, we are strictly against “Polythene bags and Polymer Products”. We have tied-up with several Eco-friendly reputed companies in India. We promote environmentally safe products that make more ruthless productions. In India, we have a dedicated team of experts to handle multi-vendors who produce Eco-friendly products with the best design, quality, and best price.

Why choose us?

In the Indian market, there are many manufacturers and vendors, whose products vary in quality and price. We are consumer-centric so we analyze each vendor to produce and provide the best quality to our consumers. Handykart "Founding Principles" is to provide quality products in the market

Quality assurance:

We believe in the sustainability of the environment by recyclable goods. You can trust that our commodities are ideally matched to consistency and are odor-free, purchase them by ordering the bags from Handykart. There will be no compromise in design and purity; we always try to give the best quality products which help us to maintain a healthy relationship with our clients. We are committed to satisfying clients by recognizing their particular needs, ensuring that they are appreciated for product quality, and are excellent in reliable providers.


In Handykart, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We deliver goods on time thereby maintain a cordial relation with all our customers. We assure you that all the consumables and healthcare products sold at Handykart are purely organic and eco-friendly. We offer the best eco-friendly products which will help customers in reducing the reliance on plastic and packaging. Handykart gives a great shopping experience for all its customers since all the products are available surplus and are offered at reasonable prices.

Eco-friendly consumable products and healthcare (COVID’ 19) products:

Eco-friendly products are products which do not harm the environment either during the production or disposal of products. Since, the global market is going towards developing eco-friendly products we in Handykart, highly prefer and sell products which are organic and eco-friendly. At Handykart, our first priority is customer safety and satisfaction. We ensure customer safety and in the current COVID scenario we offer safety healthcare products which include disinfectors, sanitizers, facemask (N95, KN95, PB N95, Non-woven) face mask, gloves, infrared thermometer, STUDDS safety goggles and face shield and PPE kit. All the above-mentioned products are made of organic and it's eco-friendly and they are offered at reasonable prices.

Vendor Tie-up:

We, at Handykart sell organic consumables and healthcare products at fair prices. Since the primary goal of our company is “Going green”, we would appreciate vendors who have a similar approach can join hands with us in promoting services for a sustainable environment. • We would appreciate vendor tie up as we can get the products at reasonable prices and we would welcome vendors who can provide us with regular services thereby it reaches the customers in a better way.

Other Products:

• In Handykart, apart from healthcare products we also sell automotive products such as gas analyzers, smoke meter, GRL speed governer, GPS vehicle tracking system, reflective sticker, motozen speed governer, engine oil at affordable prices.

• In addition to this, we sell fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) offered by branded companies at relatively low cost. FMCG available at Handykart includes baked goods such as cookies, cosmetics such as facial creams, soaps, body cleanser, home accessories such as shoe lockers.

• We also sell trendy and stylish home accessories offered by branded companies at reasonable prices. In order to make shopping easier for our customers, we make all home appliances from various brands available at Handykart thereby it gives the customer better shopping experience.

• A wide range of home appliances and home accessories based on customer’s requirements are made available easily and we make sure that all the products available at Handykart are eco-friendly at reasonable prices.

• Hence, no compromise has to be done either on the product or with the price. Customer satisfaction is the need of the hour, we value our customer so we make sure that the delivery of goods ordered at Handykart reaches the customer on time.

• We promise that the customers can have a great shopping experience since all the products which include FMCG, home appliances and accessories, automotive, healthcare products are eco-friendly with reasonable prices available in one place.